Our Founder, Kip Nicely, has had a sincere love for our country since as far back as he can recall. At 17, he stood next to the President in the White House as he signed the 26th Amendment allowing 18-year olds to vote in the United States. After graduating from the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, he reported to flight school, and subsequently flew over 3000 hours in various aircraft in support of the defense of our Nation. He then served as the Military Liaison (West Coast operations) for President Ronald Reagan, including the historic visit from Queen Elizabeth. He was a 2X Commanding Officer as both a Commander and Captain in the Navy. He served as both the Minority Whip and Minority Leader in the NM House of Representatives, leading the way on limited, yet effective, government.

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Join us in celebrating the goodness of the vast majority of people here in our country. We thank you for your business, and we promise to continue to work toward a better today and tomorrow!